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Treating dry eyes in Somerville

Somerville ophthalmology office
Somerville ophthalmology office

Dry eyes do not pose any long term risk to your vision or eye health, but they are uncomfortable and troublesome while they last. At Somerset Hills Eye Care Center, we’re dedicated to your highest level of eye health. The good news is that with a combination of simple treatment and some easy lifestyle changes, it is not difficult to overcome dry eyes.

There is nothing complicated about understanding what dry eyes are. It’s insufficient lubrication, or lubrication that is not of proper quality. There are factors that can make it worse, such as smoke, wind, and wearing contact lenses. If you notice symptoms such as sensitivity to light, redness in your eyes, blurred vision, a burning or stinging feeling in your eyes, or tired eyes, those are all possible indications of dry eyes. Our Somerville ophthalmology office can help. In order to diagnose you properly, our eye doctor will conduct a thorough exam, including specific tests for the detection of dry eyes. One measure the volume of your tears, and the other the quality of them. Additional testing may be done as needed. Treating dry eyes can be as simple as using over-the-counter artificial tears, which are a special type of eye drops designed to supplement your eyes’ normal lubrication. Prescription strength artificial tears are available through our Somerville ophthalmology office if required. Surgery is not commonly needed, but may be an option in severe and stubborn cases. Avoid smoke, including second hand, and wear eyeglasses or sunglasses on windy days. Stay out of air-conditioning, if possible, and consider a humidifier for your home to add moisture to the air indoors.

You can depend on our Somerville ophthalmology office when you have any kind of problem with your eyes or your vision. Contact our office to set up an appointment.

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