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Somerville NJ eye care

Somerville NJ eye care

Cataracts, which are the result of a buildup of proteins on the surface of your eye lenses, causes the steady loss of vision. Early stages will often reveal no symptoms at all, but here at Somerset Hills Eye Care Center, as part of our cataracts eye care, we suggest that you come in once per year for a comprehensive eye exam. Indications that cannot be detected by you can be found through testing. And the sooner that the problem is addressed, the more likely you will have a positive experience despite the presence of this eye disease.

At the point where cataracts start to affect you, the way in which it will is with your vision becoming cloudy or blurred. Fortunately, our Somerville NJ eye care can simply prescribe special eyeglasses or contact lenses to combat the impact. This allows you to live your life productively, with little interference from cataracts. The disease, though, is progressive. As time passes, you will need stronger corrective lenses to stay ahead of cataracts. And for many people, there will come a time down the road when glasses or contacts are no longer effective. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can take advantage of cataracts surgery. Of course, any surgery is a serious matter, but our Somerville NJ eye care uses a method called phaceomulsification, which utilizes ultrasound and only requires a small incision that is self-sealing. In other words, no stitches will be needed after. The entire procedure is cone in 90 minutes or less, and as an outpatient surgery under local anesthesia. Your eye lenses will be replaced with monofocal prosthetics, so you will have great distance vision. Reading glasses may be required, however, for seeing up close.

Schedule a consultation and examination from our Somerville NJ eye care. There is no reason to allow cataracts to take away your independence and your vision.

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