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Bernardsville diabetic eye testing

Diabetes can have a negative effect on your eyes. If you’re either type one or type two diabetic, fluctuations in your blood sugar can cause complications that may lead to damage to the blood vessels in your eyes from a condition called diabetic retinopathy. If it progresses without being treated, it can result in glaucoma. In the most severe cases, it might even be life-threatening. While this is not common and we don’t mean to alarm you, Somerset Hills Eye Care Center wants you to understand the benefits of our eye testing in Bernardsville and how it relates to your diabetes.

Most eye diseases share a common characteristic in that they don’t have any obvious symptoms in their early stages. This is also true of diabetic retinopathy. By the time any signs become noticeable, it typically means that the disease has had repercussions for your eyes, and these may not be reversible. We recommended that all patients come in once per year for our eye testing in Bernardsville, but for diabetics that recommendation is even more imperative. Your annual visit will allow us to help you stay ahead of any issues before they become severe.

Symptoms that you should be aware of and that may indicate that diabetic retinopathy has advanced include floaters (spots in front of your eyes), blurred vision, problems in color perception, and any degree of vision loss. If you experience one or more of these, don’t panic. Just call us and arrange an appointment with our optometrist for our eye testing in Bernardsville. If you are diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy, a strategy will be developed and implemented. This may include referral to a specialist.

Diabetes requires constant monitoring of your health. We will work with you and your primary physician to help you keep your blood sugar controlled. Follow your doctor’s advice on diet, exercise, lifestyle adjustments, and medications. And adhere to our eye testing in Bernardsvilleat least once every 12 months. As with any disease anywhere in your body, early detection is associated with the best chances of favorable outcomes. And your eyes are precious to you. Let us help you to do everything possible to protect them.

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