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Eye doctor in Bernards NJ

Bernards NJ Eye Care
Bernards NJ Eye Care

Advanced optical diseases, as well as the presence of certain chronic illnesses in your life, require much more than standard vision care. If you live with diabetes, or have been recently diagnosed as having an optical disease, your eyes need to be properly cared for as soon as possible in order to prevent any permanent harm from coming to your vision. Fortunately, the latest advanced in optical technology allow for more effective methods of care than ever before. You can be sure to find the level of care your ailing eyes require with Bernards NJ eye care at the state of the art practice of the Somerset Hills Eye Care Center.

Diabetes affects far more than just your blood sugar. Patients who live with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes require regular visits to their local eye doctor just as they do check-ups at their local medical clinic. When blood sugar levels rise, vision loss can occur without warning that may or may not go away on its own. In some cases vision can take up to four months to return to normal, with permanent damage occurring due to uncontrolled blood sugar levels without proper care. Specialized diabetic eye exams from your local Bernards NJ eye care center are necessary in order to insure this chronic disease does not cause any permanent harm toy our sight.
If you are suffering from advanced levels of vision loss due to cataracts, it can often feel as if your eyes are without hope. However, the latest advances in optical technology have made the practice of restoring vision more effective today than ever before. When cataracts turn completely white, it is time to book an appointment for refractive cataract surgery. This form of Bernards NJ eye care works to remove the natural lens of your eye where the cataract has formed, and then replaces this lens with an artificial IOL. An IOL is a lens that is handcrafted to your specific optical needs in order to restore your vision and prevent cataracts from ever forming again. Today’s IOLs are able to successfully correct multiple vision problems at once, including presbyopia in addition to astigmatism, allowing for patients to enjoy clear vision often without the need for any form of corrective eyewear.

For the very best in Bernards NJ eye care, be sure to book your next appointment with the esteemed offices of the Somerset Hills Eye Care Center. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff have been proudly serving your local community for over 30 years with the latest advances in optical technology and procedure for the treatment of advanced optical diseases and conditions. With the help of Somerset Hills Eye Care, you can find the advanced care you need to see clearly.

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