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Eye care office in Bernards

Bernards eye doctor
Bernards eye doctor

Are you new to the area or simply seeking to build a new relationship with a Bernards eye doctor who can protect your family’s eye and vision health? Give us a call at Somerset Hills Eye Care Center; with us on our side, you and your family can benefit from the careful optical care of a highly-trained specialist who is devoted to helping you reach and maintain optimum eye and vision health.

Since its founding, Somerset Hills Eye Center has been dedicated to offering our fellow members of the Bernards community an improved quality of life through innovative vision care and excellent optometry services. Conveniently located and offering excellent availability., our practice is proud to offer a reputation of excellence in both medical and surgical eye care as well as a full range of vision care services fit to treat patients of all ages. Whether you need an eye health evaluation or assistance finding your youngest family member’s first pair of glasses, our team of experts is at your service! We offer a wide variety of optical products and treatments, including family eye care, comprehensive medical eye testing, exceptional patient service, access to our optical shop, contact lens fittings and services, diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, management of eye diseases such as cataracts and diabetes, treatment of red eye, dry eye, and eye infections, and emergency eye care. Has it been too long since your last eye exam? Don’t hesitate; book an appointment with a Bernards eye doctor who truly cares today. Regular eye exams are an important preventative treatment for anyone who is worried about achieving and protecting healthy eyes and vision. Routine visits to your optometrist can lower your risk of developing an undiagnosed disease, plus early detection (often before symptoms arise) can be the best way for a disease to be treated before it causes major or even permanent damage.

Give us a call at Somerset Hills Eye Care Center today to learn more about what a Bernards eye doctor can do for your family’s optical health and wellbeing!

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