Bernards Emergency Eye Care

Bernards Emergency Eye Care

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Emergency Eye Care in Bernards

Any eye emergency is something that puts your vision and the physical well-being of your eyes at risk, so we at Somerset Hills Eye Care Center make it our priority to have you examined right away. At your discretion, you may decide that calling 911 or visiting the nearest hospital ER is the way to go, but if you’re not sure then call our office and we will advise you.

What are some of the more common reasons for seeking out our Bernards emergency eye care? You may have been in an accident or sustained an injury that affected one or both eyes. Other possibilities are eye pain, eye discharge, sudden vision loss, redness, irritation, signs of infection, floaters (spots in your field of vision), a lump in your eyelid, a corneal ulcer, or a particle or other foreign object that has become stuck in your eye. The above list is not a complete one. Anything that poses a threat to your eyes counts as urgent. One thing is certain and that is the need for expert care, evaluation, and treatment from our specialist, not a primary care doctor. It is always best to play it safe. Come in for our Bernards emergency care and let our eye doctor make the determination of how serious the problem is and take the appropriate action to treat it. Often, what would have been a simple matter can be turned into a complicated one simply because a patient delays coming in, either because of thinking it’s not a big deal, or for fear of being seen as overly cautious. Never think that way. We don’t judge our patients.

To schedule a prompt appointment for our Bernards emergency eye care, reach out to us immediately and we will have you seen at the earliest possible opportunity.

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