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Are you suffering from a sudden change in your vision that appear to occur in only of your eyes? Or do you otherwise notice halos around bright source of light, such as oncoming headlights or overhead lamps? These are more than just minor annoyance, but are in fact the symptoms of a developing optical problem. If your son or daughter is beginning to complain of sudden changes in vision, you should not hesitate to book an eye exam to confirm a diagnosis of this optical condition as soon as possible. Fortunately, patients of any age can find the care they need for keratoconus and other serious optical conditions at their local Basking Ridge Township ophthalmologist at the state of the art practice of the Somerset Hills Eye Care Center.

Eye Exams Basking Ridge Township

Eye Exams Basking Ridge Township

Keratoconus is an uncommon optical condition which occurs when the proteins and fibers which work to keep the eye in a perfectly circular shape become weakened by an unknown causes, which is thought to be genetic in nature. As these fibers grow weaker, the curvature of the cornea begins to bulge, turning from a sphere to a conical shape. This change can cause either the smooth surface of the cornea to become wavy in nature to create what is known as irregular astigmatism, or it can simply expand to cause vision to become nearsighted. Symptoms of keratoconus will usually appear during a patients teenage years, but can be diagnosed as early as ten years old. Visits to your professional Basking Ridge Township ophthalmologist allow doctors to begin treatment of keratoconus often before the optical condition causes problems in school. In some cases keratoconus can begin in the earlier childhood years, and in others it can begin as late as thirty years of age. Changes in vision due to keratoconus happen very gradually over a course of many years, or can occur very suddenly. These changes can cause symptoms such as seeing triple, lights which streak across your vision, halos around light sources, distorted vision at both close and far away ranges, and double vision when patients try to look with just one of their eyes. Treatment for keratoconus can be accomplished with prescription eyeglasses or special contact lenses.

Treatment for keratoconus begins with a diagnosis from your neighborhood Basking Ridge Township ophthalmologist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the Somerset Hills Eye Care Center have been proudly providing advanced care powered by the latest technology for over 30 years, specializing in the unique needs of many optical diseases, including keratoconus, macular degeneration, and even diabetic retinopathy. With treatment and regular visits to the Somerset Hills Eye Care Center, you can receive the level of care you need to achieve clear vision with keratoconus.

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