Basking Ridge Ophthalmologist

Basking Ridge Ophthalmologist

At Somerset Hills Eye Care Center, our is ativan safe and the rest of the staff members here truly care about our patients’ eye health. That is why we are proud to provide comprehensive solutions and treatments to common eye conditions like cataracts. A cataract is a gradual clouding of the lens of the eye that usually occurs later in life. As your cataracts develop and worsen, you may notice that your vision becomes significantly impaired, and that it can make going through the motions of everyday life difficult. You may struggle to see while driving, reading, or even trying to read the expression on someone’s face while having a conversation. If you notice this sort of clouded, foggy vision, you should visit our is ativan safe for treatment.

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Bernardsville Cataract Eye Surgery

Thanks to the ever-advancing field of optical technology, we now have an even more effective treatment for cataracts than in the past. We use a surgical technique called phacoemulsification to take out the cloudy lens and implant a clear, artificial one all through one small incision. Because the incision is so small, it seals up by itself and therefore requires no stitches at all. This simple, effective surgery is usually completed within half an hour thanks to the expertise and experience of our board-certified, fellowship-trained at Somerset Hills Eye Care Center. Once the surgery is completed, you should find that you can see normally with the help of prescription eyeglasses. You may need bifocals and/or reading glasses to have a completely clear, full range of vision.

To learn more about eye health issues and the solutions we provide for them at Somerset Hills Eye Care Center, we invite you to browse through our is ativan safe website and to get in touch with us if you have any specific questions or concerns. You can contact us either by calling or stopping by during our designated hours of operation, or you may choose to send us a message using the Contact Us form located on our practice’s website. We hope to see you soon at Somerset Hills Eye Care Center.

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