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Diabetic eye testing in Basking Ridge

Basking Ridge eye doctor

Basking Ridge eye doctor

It is vital that people of all ages and eye health needs see their local optometrist about once a year or so. Regular eye care is not something that only people who are experiencing eye related emergencies, in fact, there are some patients who should have their eyes examined more frequently than others, and people with diabetes definitely fall into that category. Here at Somerset Hills Eye Care Center, our Basking Ridge eye doctor can provide you with complete diabetic eye testing that will look at your overall eye health in relation to this particular disease.

While everyone should see their optometrist about once a year for routine exams and checkups, it may be wise to schedule more frequent visits if you happen to have diabetes. Diabetes is a blood disorder that creates poor circulation, which is integral to your body’s natural and essential functions. Poor blood circulation can delay the eradication of waste and the delivery of healthy, oxygenated blood that your body needs in order to perform these necessary functions. This can drastically affect your eye health, which is why people who have diabetes are at a greater risk of developing eye problems. If you have diabetes, you are more likely to develop any number of eye diseases. If you are living with diabetes, you may even be at risk for developing eye conditions and serious illnesses that are unique to people with diabetes, such as diabetic retinopathy, which is the leading cause of vision loss in people with this blood disorder. With the help of our Basking Ridge eye doctor here at Somerset Hills Eye Care Center, you can get the diabetic eye testing that you need in order to stay on top of your eye health and be in the know regarding any conditions that you may be likely to develop or have.

If you have diabetes, call us here at Somerset Hills Eye Care Center as soon as you can. The sooner you schedule diabetic eye testing with our optometrist the better off you will be when it comes to caring for your eyes and for your diabetes symptoms. Call us today to schedule an appointment for an exam with our Basking Ridge eye doctor today.

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