Anti-reflective Lenses in 07921

Eye lenses in 07921

Anti-reflective lenses in 07921

Anti-reflective lenses in 07921

Anti-reflective lenses can make a great improvement to your vision. At Somerset Hills Eye Care Center, our expert ophthalmologist, Dr. Timothy P. Sullivan, can talk to you about anti-reflective lenses in 07921.

When patients wear anti-reflective lenses in 07921, they can be wearing them for different reasons. Some patients simply see better with these lenses. However, if you have had cataract surgery, or your eyes are particularly sensitive to the sun, antireflective lenses can be extremely helpful. An anti-reflective or antiglare coating, will help to improve your vision, reduce your eyestrain, and can even make your eyeglasses more attractive. When you have anti-reflective lenses in 07921, they will eliminate reflections from the front and back surfaces of the lenses. This allows more light to pass through the lenses and will improve your ability to see more clearly, even at night. This is particularly helpful for patients who have cataracts, or who have completed cataract surgery. When an anti-reflective coating is placed on high-index lenses, they will be able to reflect more light then traditional plastic lenses. This means that it will be easier for you to see using these lenses, especially if you have certain conditions such as cataracts or other vision problems. Anti-reflective coating will also reduce the halos around lights at night, greatly helping with seeing clearly during night driving. Today antireflective coatings are so effective that they will basically eliminate the reflection of light from the lenses and allow over 99% of available light to pass through the lenses and enter the eye. Antireflective lens coatings will also make the eyeglass lenses look practically invisible, so people are able to see your eyes more clearly. Glasses with anti-reflective coatings, are also very helpful if you work at the computer for extended periods of time. Sunglasses are also helped by anti-reflective coatings because it will eliminate glare from sunlight which can enter your eyes from the backs of the lenses.

To learn more about anti-reflective lenses in 07921, we hope you will visit us at our Somerset Hills Eye Care Center.

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