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Glaucoma in Bernards

An annual comprehensive eye examination is perhaps the most important service that our Bernards optometry office at the Somerset Hills Eye Care Center provides. In addition to checking the structure of the patient’s eyes for any abnormalities, measuring visual acuity and prescribe any vision corrections that are necessary a dilated examination allows our doctor to see into the back of the eye and detect and diagnose any current or developing eye disease. .

Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions that can damage the optic nerve due to abnormally high pressure in the eye, which is caused by a buildup in fluid throughout your eye. As the optic nerve gradually deteriorates blind spots develop in the visual field. Unfortunately, glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in the US and it is often associated with aging although it can come on at any age. Often called the silent blinder since there are very few discernable symptoms of glaucoma until it has reached its advanced stage, which is why annual examinations at our office is so important. The vision loss due to glaucoma cannot be reversed, but if caught early the effects of the disease can be slowed or prevented. Our Bernards optometry office eye doctor will check for the early stages of glaucoma by measuring the intraocular pressure and corneal thickness, inspect the drainage angle and test for damage to the optic nerve as well as areas of vision loss.

According to our Bernards optometry office eye doctor the disease can be managed and kept in check, the goal is to reduce the intraocular pressure. The first treatment for glaucoma is generally the use of prescription eye drops to improve the way fluid drains from the eye or to decrease the amount of fluid in your eyes depending on the ingredients of the particular eye drop. Sometimes oral medications are also given in conjunction with the eye drops. If the eye drops don’t reduce the fluid sufficiently either laser surgery or a traditional surgical procedure can be used to reduce the fluid in the eye.. Please make an appointment with our office to have your eyes examined to catch glaucoma and other serious eye diseases.

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